Good Contents Are Everywhere, But Here, We Deliver The Best of The Best.Please Hold on!
3rd floor, Sangjo Bldg, 101-8 Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea +82.449.4122
We are a team of people who enjoy doing what we are doing; 
working hard yet not forgetting to maintain a good balance of playing hard as well.


NESIAC was formed in 2013, after the merging between SIDD Pictures, established in 2002, and FXnine, established in 2005. 
In the midst of the transition, NESIAC is now jumping up to be a company that is entirely different than other competitors.



Life in Motion and High Quality

There is no limit to possibilities. NESIAC‘s computer graphic provides a differentiated high quality through experimental techniques and creative production, as well as realistic expression.


Imagination and Enjoyment

Digital content has infinite imagination. NESIAC plans its contents and delivers enjoyments through a different way of thinking and seeing things.


The Best Specialist

Contents are the result of the passion and challenges of the artists. NESIAC helps in developing potential abilities by practicing corporate culture that respects talents.



NESIAC has been recognized of its quality productions in various fields. With a great team of creative talents, each having wide knowledge from different areas and the capabilities to perform different tasks, we can support our clients in the whole process from idea/concept development through completion.
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In each game cinematic production, we aim to develop long lasting image through splendid visual effects that will leave a great impression and impact towards its audiences. Whether or not you have an idea or concept in mind, we can take up your project and help you develop a creative storyline, and make it into the final production with storyboarding and animatics.

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A carefully planned and choreographed VFX makes a big difference in a film production. We focus on making your film more appealing and lively through our outstanding VFX skills. We can also support your film in making high standard pre-vis, allows you to envision your film in advanced, to make your film better.

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We take each product movie seriously, by studying each product function carefully and strive to understand it better in order to present the message precisely to its target audience. Although product movie is usually informational, our creativity always make sure that it’s creatively and accurately presented to its target audience by utilizing our skill in motion graphic, animation, camera movement and editing.

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Besides enhancing the realistic presentation, we add in more details that are difficult to achieve through traditional photography, in order to produce a more stunning and dramatical visual for your production. Our Visualization Data Management (VDM) service can help you by converting your exisiting CAD into various CGI contents, which includes product images, key visuals, motion graphics, animation videos, new media, etc.